Dar Al Sharq’s Shopping Bazaar opens doors to the public

 20 Dec 2015 - 11:07

Dar Al Sharq’s Shopping Bazaar opens doors to the public
Ali Wahba, Advertising Manager of Al Sharq & The Peninsula, with other officials at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

DAR Al Sharq officially opened its doors to the Shopping Festival Bazaar in Katara Hall on December 17 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the annual shopping festival.

Avid shoppers were treated to a variety of quality products which included apparel for women, men and children, accessories, beauty
products, electronic items, mobile phones, carpets, furniture and other household items.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by VIPs, distinguished guests and media who came to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Among the companies and shops who are exhibiting their products and services within the bazaar are Jumbo Electronics, Brands, Tadmur, Zahran Palace, to name a few.

Ali Wahba, Advertising Manager of Al Sharq & The Peninsula, was in attendance to celebrate the ribbon cutting ceremony. He said: “We are truly overjoyed with how the preparations for this widely anticipated shopping bazaar has taken place, and we are truly pleased with the outcome and the warm reception we’ve been getting on the first day itself from bazaar goers.

“This bazaar gives the exhibitors the chance for better exposure as the Bazaar takes place in Katara Hall, Katara Cultural Village, coinciding with National Day festivities. We look forward to the upcoming days and to an even bigger outpouring of shoppers.”

The Bazaar is being held as an initiative under the Dar Al Sharq Shopping Festival which runs from November 14 until December 30.
As a contribution towards the community at large, Dar Al Sharq has been organising an annual shopping festival under the  upervision of the Ministry of Economy and Trade. This year the festival has seen a participation of more than 400 companies
and shops located all over Qatar.

Ali Wahba said: “On the occasion of the 10th anniversary we decided to organise this shopping bazaar at Katara Hall between
December 17 and December 23. The bazaar provides the participating companies with the opportunity to display and sell their
products and services."

The second day of Dar Al Sharq’s Shopping Bazaar in Katara Hall coincided with National Day celebrations and the grand festivities Katara had to offer during the joyous day.

Exhibitors including Jumbo Electronics (LG), Gaultier, Iranian Carpets Corner, Starlink, VLCC, Fashion Style and Logic Group among others are given the chance to display their products and services until December 23.  

Bazaar-goers were treated to a variety of quality products including apparels and accessories for women, men and children, beauty products and cosmetics, electronic devices, furnishings and other household items.  

The Bazaar is organised by Dar Al Sharq in collaboration with Katara Hall who assisted the publication group with the preparations needed to make the Shopping Bazaar a success.  

Sameh Shaaban, General Manager of Katara Hall, said: “Katara Hall is the cultural hub at Katara Village, and we were delighted to collaborate with Dar Al Sharq in bringing the latest Shopping Bazaar experience to Katara. We have been preparing for this event for more than a month and have been coordinating closely with Dar Al Sharq in bringing their vision to life. We were pleased with the outcome of our mutual cooperation and hope that the patrons and shoppers enjoy the full experience.”

Shaaban added: “To us, the Bazaar represents more than a shopping experience. It represents an experience that has the potential to bring families together and that was Dar Al Sharq’s vision for the Bazaar.”

The Shopping Bazaar is being held as part of the 10th anniversary of the Annual Shopping Festival which was sponsored by Jaidah Auto (Chevrolet cars), Jumbo Electronics (LG) and NABCO Furnishings.

The Peninsula had the chance to talk to some of the Bazaar exhibitors. Jumbo Electronics, Qatar’s leading retailer of electronics and home appliances, rented out four stalls at the bazaar.

“Jumbo Electronics have been long partners in success with Dar Al Sharq. The Shopping Bazaar presents us with an opportunity to engage with our customers, especially that it coincides with National Day celebrations,” said Amal Jiph, Unit head — Jumbo Electronics (LG).

He said: “We are providing our customers with the opportunity to witness our latest technologies that range from new LED TV screens to other household appliances.  We also offer our customers with promotions that can only be presented here at the Bazaar.”
VLCC Wellness Group is also among the exhibitors. Waleed Mossad, Marketing Executive VLCC Wellness Group, said: “We are pleased to be part of this Shopping Bazaar. It gives us a chance to be able to connect with our clients and to be introduced to Katara Village goers as well.  We offer our clients BMI testing services and other fitness and beauty products as well.” The Shopping Bazaar, on its second day, witnessed more shoppers thronging the various stalls, who interacted with officials of participating companies on the various products and services on offer.

Meanwhile, Dar Al Sharq also organised several events to celebrate National Day. Public were treated to Qatari folklore presentations, courtesy folk art troupe “Layaly”, which provided Bazaar-goers with folklore songs and dances all night.
Ali Wahba, Advertising Manager of Al Sharq & The Peninsula,said: “We found out that the National Day celebrations would present us with a grand opportunity to revel in the glory and the generosity of this glorious country, and we are truly honored to embrace the historic tradition of this country and its people.”

He added: “We took it upon ourselves to fully prepare for this day’s celebrations and to present the Bazaar-goers with traditional folklore presentations that are bound to bring in them a sense of merriment and pride.”