An innovative bazaar at Katara

 21 Jan 2016 - 13:46

An innovative bazaar at Katara

Doha: Department of Productive Families from the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs  will inaugurate an innovative bazaar (market) called Two by Two on Friday, January 22 at Katara. The event includes creative workshops on seven subjects (which is not open to public) followed by a open market for visitors. To be held at Building 15 in Katara from 6pm to 9pm, where the artisans from the creative workshops will show and sell their produce. 

Two by Two is an exchange of experiences, techniques and creativity between a Qatari artisan from Productive Families and a Doha resident artisan from any nationality.

There will be a number of pairs of artisans to cover seven subjects which include Sadu and crochet, Jewelry, Decoupage & small furniture, Aquarelle & paintings, Perfumes & creams, Clothes & patchwork, and Dolls, cushions & kids’ items. 

The creative workshop would involve each pair of artisans work together for three hours and create a unique product or prototype starting at 3pm. 

This will be followed by visitors open market where the 14 artisans will sell their own products in separate stalls. This will be an original and eclectic artisan market open to the public. 

Productive Families Department is Qatar’s National Brand to express the cultural and artistic identity of Qatari people through arts and trades. Artisans represent with single language the core of the country and showcase traditional and contemporary crafts, executed with simplicity and originality.

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