12 Villages liberated from ISIS control in Tal Afar

 21 Aug 2017 - 12:23

12 Villages liberated from ISIS control in Tal Afar


Baghdad: Iraqi "We Are Coming, Tal Afar" operations command announced the liberation of 12 villages and four hills on the first day of a new operation launched to retake control of the northern town Tal Afar and surrounding areas from ISIS militants.

The operation resulted in the cutting off Al-Mohallabiah Tal Afar, which is considered one of the most important strategic roads between Mosul and Tal Afar. The operation also led to the liberation of A'abrah Kabira, A'abrah Saqirah, Tal al-Qassban, al-Najar, Hanash, Qazel Qew and Kasser Mehrab villages.

The joint forces have killed 31 ISIS fighters, including a suicide bomber, while Iraqi warplanes have destroyed nine VBIEDs of ISIS. Iraqi forces have also destroyed four mortar positions of ISIS.

Air forces planes dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets on Al-Hawija in northern Iraq and west of Anbar province in western Iraq. The leaflets Included news of Iraq's victories, ISIS defeats and a warning for ISIS that they must surrender or they will die.