Qatar University offers special course on legal aspects of siege

 21 Aug 2017 - 1:28


Qatar University (QU) has announced a special course in the fall dealing with “Legal Aspects of Qatar’s Siege from International Law Perspective” for law students.
This course aims to involve a number of enrolled students in scientific discussions and exchange of legal opinions supported by the principles and provisions of international law on this subject. The Dean of the College of Law Dr. Mohammed Al Khulaifi, said that this initiative comes within the framework of a series of initiatives of the College to study the legal aspects of the siege resolution related to the principles and conventions of international law.
Al Khulaifi said that the course will be characterized by a research aspect. The students will be asked to prepare legal research on one of the subjects of the siege and to submit final presentations to a specialized jury. He pointed out that the best research will be collected in a booklet and sent to the competent authorities in the country.
The college seeks to organize a number of academic and research activities on this important subject, and to invite specialists in Qatar and abroad to participate with their scientific research from a legal perspective, and increase the outcome of student awareness activities in the field of law and specifically in the field of legal protection of personal account in social media. It is noteworthy that this course comes under the title of “special topics” and included in the decisions of the College of Law at the University of Qatar to address the main legal axes of Qatar siege, especially in international law, and maritime navigation and air law, diplomacy and international conflict resolution, the GCC law, International human rights, the general theory of international organisations, World Trade Organization and other relevant subjects.