Ashghal to close Al Luqta Roundabout

 21 Sep 2017 - 8:04

Ashghal to close Al Luqta Roundabout

The Peninsula

The Public Works Authority, ‘Ashghal’ announced that it will close Al Luqta Roundabout and shift local traffic movements to enable the construction of a multi-level interchange at the intersection of Al Beday Street and Makkah Street. 

The planned closure of the roundabout has been designed in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic and will be implemented on Saturday. The traffic change is expected to be in operation until early 2019.
To accommodate road users travelling in this area, ‘Ashghal’ has built several alternative junctions and roundabouts to ensure connectivity between the eastern and western sections of Makkah Street.

Road users travelling from the Corniche towards Qatar Foundation on Makkah Street are advised to turn left onto Al Beday Street and then proceed to turn right onto Al Maqareen Street. 

At Al Maqareen Street, road users can either continue straight towards Qatar Foundation or turn right at Ummat Suwayy Street and rejoin Makkah Street. Road users travelling from Qatar Foundation are able to follow the same route in the opposite direction to return to Makkah Street. 

The closure of the roundabout will not affect transit on Al Beday Street and road users will be able to travel between Al Rayyan Road and Landmark Mall as per normal. 

The Public Works Authority will install road signs advising motorists of the closure. ‘Ashghal’ requests all road users to abide by the speed limit, which has been reduced to 50kph, and follow the road signs to ensure their safety.