Winning global support

 21 Nov 2017 - 18:25

The Peninsula

Qatar continues to win global support on the issue of unjust siege imposed on it by the blockading countries. The latest development is the visit of a delegation from the United Nation’s office to Qatar.

 A delegation of the technical mission of the United Nation’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has been in Doha this week, taking stock of the repercussions of the unjust siege imposed on Qatar. The delegation met with the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Chairman Dr Ali bin Sumaikh Al Marri. The team are holding meetings with governmental, non-governmental, civil society organisations and victims of the siege.

The visit by the UN delegation is a positive indicator of how the world sees the blockade on Qatar imposed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt on June 5 this year. This shows that the  countries around the globe don’t want the crisis to be dragged on despite the recent statements by the siege countries indicating they are in no mood to end the blockade but want to prolong it exerting more pressure on Qatar and its people.

The siege has resulted in umpteen problems for not only the citizens and residents of Qatar, but also for the people in the neighbouring countries too. There are a large number of families who got split and separated because of the siege, scores of businesses were affected, thus stealing the livelihood of hundreds of innocent people and the travel ban is pushing the people away from their loved ones.

Hundreds of citizens of Qatar have lost their hardearned property and several investors had to part with what they had in the UAE and Saudi Arabia just because of the nefarious actions of the siege countries. As the NHRC chief said the blockading nations are using the people as human shields to achieve political gains.

The timely efforts of the state under the wise leadership of the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani averted the ploy by the siege countries of using politics to starve Qatar’s people. Qatar has been relentlessly  taking the issue to the world leaders, governments in the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey etc. Now the international community should redouble its efforts to help find a way out of the imbroglio. It is high time the world took note of the deliberate attempt of the siege countries to drag the crisis.

The siege countries should take note of the fact that Qatar, under the able leadership of H H the Emir, is capable of resisting any threat against the country and its citizens and residents will march behind their leader holding the National Flag fluttering high.