MES holds workshop on Google for Education

 22 Jan 2017 - 12:34

MES holds workshop on Google for Education

The Peninsula

MES Indian School organised a one-day symposium cum workshop on ‘Google for Education’ for its school officials that included Heads of Sections, Heads of Departments, Head of Academic Inspection and members of departments of Computer Science and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) on its premises on January 18.

Mark Duncan, a Google certified educator and trainer from Liverpool, UK, conducted the workshop on the topic “Google for Education”. He highlighted the various tools provided by Google that can be used to ensure enhanced interactive e-learning sessions and to follow-up students’ assignments especially in grading the progress made by them.

The session was informative and enriching as the members of the workshop got a hands-on training experience in handling advanced computer operations as well as the use of Chrome book. Earlier Asha Kurian, Head of the  Department of English, Boys’ Section of the school introduced Mark Duncan to the members of the faculty, while Annama Shammy, Head of the  Department of English, Girls’ Section proposed a vote of thanks. The workshop was coordinated by Mohammed Shafi Shariff, Head of the Department of French.