Holiday Villa Doha celebrates National Sport Day

 22 Feb 2017 - 12:20

Holiday Villa Doha celebrates National Sport Day

The Peninsula

Rain or shine, Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha was one with the country by hosting a day full of exciting and challenging activities with its guests and employees for the Qatar National Sport Day. The successful event promoted good health, and exemplified camaraderie and team work among all its participants.

The sport activities were under the initiative of the hotel management and encouraged its employees and guests to live out a healthy lifestyle and to enjoy its good benefits.  In his opening remarks, on behalf of General Manager, Joey Chen, Operations Manager, Ruban Jack, said, “Today we rally towards loving our lives by being active and putting health as top priority. This holiday has given us to fight against laziness, obesity and poor health living. We do this for the welfare of our families back home, for the growth of our company, strength of the community we belong in and, most especially, for ourselves.”

True to its committed values for its employees and guests, Holiday Villa Doha promises to support the country in its holistic approach to having an active and healthy community. It further promotes the good cause with its National Sports Day special offers: Healthy buffet, Sports Day free access to the hotel gym, 50% off on hotel gym day pass for the month of February and Get Fit room package.

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