Brazilian meat and poultry 'in all its forms and types' under observation in Qatar

 22 Mar 2017 - 1:15

Brazilian meat and poultry 'in all its forms and types' under observation in Qatar
This image of a worker arranging slaughtered cattle in the freezing room, in the Marfrig Group slaughter house in Promissao, 500 km northwest of Sao Paulo, taken on October 7, 2011, is used for graphical purpose only. (REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

By Huda NV / The Peninsula

Qatar curtailed meat and poultry imports from Brazil, following reports that the country has been exporting meat that is unfit for consumption. Consignments from Brazil will now be released only after analysis. Also Brazilian meat samples will be taken from local market for confirmation.
The Ministry of Public Health issued a circular to all ports of entry in the country to hold all consignments of cattle, poultry and their products from Brazil in all its forms and types. It stressed not to release the products before the samples are withdrawn and analysed. Only after the products are proven fit for human consumption and are found in conformity with the relevant technical regulations and Gulf standards, will the products be released, the ministry said yesterday.
The circular was issued following news from international media about corruption issues related to Brazilian food, which included suspicions of illegal practices in some Brazilian beef and poultry slaughterhouses exporting to various countries.
As an additional precautionary measure, the Ministry of Public Health directed its inspectors to withdraw samples of Brazilian meat in the local market for validation.  Brazil is the largest supplier of chicken to Qatar according to market sources.  The authorities in Brazil suspended 33 government officials amid allegations that some of the country's biggest meat processors have been selling rotten beef and poultry for years.Traders here said yesterday the Ministry's decision could have a major impact on the market since majority of poultry, mainly frozen chicken, are imported from Brazil.
“Of some 325 frozen chicken shipments consumed in the country per month, just 10 to 25 are produced within the region. A majority of 300 monthly consignments are imported from other countries and of thus 90% of the poultry is imported from Brazil,” Iqbal Vadakara, Business Consultant, Qatar Foods told this daily yesterday.
“Currently there is a ban on chicken import from France. Restriction of products from Brazil could lead to an acute shortage of poultry and meat products in the market. Almost all the major fast moving frozen chicken brands in the market are imported from Brazil,” he said.