Envoy praises Indonesian traditional marriage celebration

 22 May 2017 - 11:45

Envoy praises Indonesian traditional marriage celebration

The Peninsula

Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar, Air Marshal (Retd) Muhammad Basri Sidehabi participated in  Indonesian traditional wedding celebration held by Al Khor Community in Al Khor recently.

Hundreds of Indonesian community and foreign expatriates, mostly working in oil and gas industries who came from various regions, attended the wedding party celebration.

The marriage was between Bayu Aryadica Juartiyono, son of Juartiyono Sakino, and Andinny Razania, daughter of Agung Dharmawan. The celebration  was preceded by a procession of the marriage ceremony, wedding tausiyah, reciting Islamic prayer. The event was organised by Indonesian Diaporas Community led by Edwin Kurniawan.

The marriage party celebration was used to promote not only Indonesian wedding culture among expatriates, but the event was also an opportunity for Indonesian and expatriates from various countries to meet each other. The celebration also featured traditional Indonesian clothes, as well as a variety of exciting Indonesian  cuisines. Various booths provided Indonesian cuisine from various provinces, such as Satay, Meat Sop, Somay, Rendang, Indonesian traditional cake, Bakwan, etc.

Ambassador Basri appreciated the wedding celebration as an effort to promote cultural diversity and culinary of Indonesia. He praised the role of Indonesian community in Al Khor for their excellent contributions in socio-cultural promotion. He added that Permiqa has shown their important roles in supporting the mission of the embassy to promote good relations between two countries.

The head organiser of the event, Hermansyah Arsyad, expressed his satisfaction for the success of the event. “We are very grateful for the team work and great cooperation among Indonesian community that makes the event successful,” said employee who works at Qatar Gas, and has been staying in Qatar for almost 20 years.  

According to Indonesian Embassy’s staff, Boy Dharmawan, the promotion of Indonesian culture and cuisine has proved to be one of the best ways to promote Indonesian tourism effectively in Qatar.