Intramural activities launched at BPS

 22 May 2017 - 11:31

The Peninsula

The intramural sporting, gaming, literary, and cultural and other co-scholastic activities for the academic year 2017-18 in the Birla Public School have been launched with the swearing in of Captains, Vice-captains and the House Mistresses and House Masters assuming office in the presence of the school at a solemn ceremony in the school auditorium.

The school is divided into four equally strong Houses, namely, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, based on their known skills and abilities. As students start their school in Primary, their House is determined and since then, students in these Houses compete on all fronts both in co-scholastic areas and academic field.

All Houses are mentored and guided by House Masters and Mistresses. Jupiter House had Sai Prajual Shandilya ( class 11) Saadiya Rafiq (class 11), Khalid Al Zain (Class 10) Chinmayee Anand Nadgir (class 9), Davis Mathew Jacob and Renny Varghese, both from class 5, sworn in as Captains and Vice captains.

Mohammed Afdal and Mahek from grade 11, Shibra Ayaz and Salman from grades 9 and 10 respectively and Tarun Murukesan and Michelle M Merlyn Varghese Nainan , both from grade 5 took oath as Captains and Vice Captains of Saturn House. Sworn in as Captains and Vice captains from Mars House were Aswin Viju and Chrispa of grade 11, Aditi Avraham and Sindhu Nithyananda of classes 9 and 10 respectively, and Abheet and Fidya , both of class 5.

Arvind and Rhea of grade 11, Jade of 9, Diya of 10 and Thomas Jolly and Kezia Sara Solley, both from class 5 assumed office as Captains and vice-captains of Neptune House.

Abdul Noor Binan and Sanchita Nagaraj Sports Captains, both of class 12, led the team in the swearing in ceremony and had them take the pledge to carry out their responsibilities and lead sporting activities in a spirit of healthy competition.