Ministry releases video to educate consumers about their rights

 22 May 2017 - 0:53

Ministry releases video to educate consumers about their rights
(Photo for representation only). Salim Matramkot/The Peninsula

By Sanaullah Ataullah / The Peninsula

In a unique move, the Ministry of Justice has released an animated video to educate consumers about their rights and gave many purchasing tips to protect them from greedy traders. The move came at a time when citizens and expatriate will flock to the malls and shopping complexes in coming days to purchase foods and non-food items in large stock for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

The video in Arabic uploaded yesterday on the social sites of the Ministry –Twitter and Facebook is part of a massive campaign launched by the Ministry to create awareness about laws of the land among citizens and expatriates.

In video message, the Ministry asked the consumers to use all possible legal ways to get back their rights from traders or commercial complexes and private firms with the help of committees working for consumer protection. If needed, they can go to court to defend their rights.  They were also asked to check the products and services thoroughly before buying and availing to make sure they are safe and free from any health hazardous risk.

While purchasing the equipment, the customers were tipped to ensure whether it serves the purpose and carries the specifications required for the quality and efficiency of the products.  Read the contents of the products before buying to confirm whether it meets the required specification and standard and health rules as well. The video urges customers to take the guarantee book and go through it and avoid buying substandard products. If you want quality product so check it thoroughly before leaving the outlets, added the video.

Keep sale invoices to produce the traders while returning, exchanging the products or taking it for repairing. Consumer protection includes providing enough information to buyers about products and services they need in a bid to take appropriate decision in this regards, said the video message.