An ideal Eid book for children

 22 Jun 2017 - 10:45

An ideal Eid book for children
Omer Naqi

By Irfan Bukhari | The Peninsula 

Omer Naqi never considered himself a storyteller or a writer until he became a father. Now the Canadian of Pakistani origin now settled Doha is an author a fast-moving bedtime book for kids.   

Observing his children has made him realise that all children learn and absorb information differently. His elder daughter is a visual learner, who loves pictures, pop-up books, and the younger one is influenced by the digital era, preferring to use a smart device to listen to stories.

From need your have birth of Ideas. Thus born a book.  

“My Eid Mubarak Storybook is a new children’s book that celebrates beauty of traditions and diversity,” says Mr Omer Naqi.

Omer endeavours to use children’s illustration books, using both physical and digital space, to reach out to parents world to connect with their children and enjoy a good bedtime story!

Here’s an excerpt of chat The Peninula had with the author:

Q. Can you tell us a little about the Book?

People around the world celebrate different festivals and joyous holidays throughout the year. Whether it is Christmas, Diwali or Eid, it is wonderful to see everyone comes together and celebrate the holidays.

The Eid Mubarak Storybook is a fun and exciting book that teaches children about the traditions of Eid. The book is about my daughters Emaan, Inaaya, Noorah, and their friends as they get ready to celebrate Eid.

The book consists of nine short stories, each touching upon the different aspects of Eid. The characters range from infant to pre-teens, all having one common goal: they are looking forward to celebrating the festival.

Children will enjoy reading the book again and again, and parents will love to read it to their children.

It can be used as a tool to learn about a different culture and teach children to be open-minded to diverse experiences in today’s modern world. The book also teaches kids to be smart about spending money and charity.



Q. Why did you write this book?

I describe myself as a global citizen. Having lived and worked in Pakistan, Canada, USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, I have come to really understand value and appreciate multi-culturalism.

The book is a reinforcement of these and a reminder to us of how important Eid is. Actually, it’s a reminder on how important all holidays are.

The book is about togetherness and enjoying and celebrating festivals together as a family. I want to reach out to parents worldwide; urging them to connect with their children while enjoying a good bedtime story.

Q. How have you been promoting the book and what is next for you?


This has been a really busy year for me. I launched the book in March this year in Toronto and held 2 book readings there. The response has been great, and I will be going back to Toronto in June to hold 2 more book reading sessions there.


Doha has been really kind and the feedback has been so positive. My book reading event on April 5th was really well received and well attended. Over the past month I had the opportunity to do 2 book readings at Doha based Schools. I was part of Newton International School’s Literacy week and Book Fair, and did a special book reading there. I also did a book reading at Loydence Academy in Doha.


I am really excited about my 3 City roadshow in Pakistan in May. I will travel to Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore for 8 Events at various educational institutions, special needs centers and book stores.


A friend of mine is travelling to Jordan to volunteer with Syrian Refugees and she is taking a copy of my book with me to read to the children. Just to know that I will be a part of that is a really good feeling!


These days I am also busy planning an event in Dubai before Eid Ul Adha (in August).

Q. What’s next?

I am also working on two more Children’s Books on the theme of togetherness for publication in 2018.

Q. Who is the audience of your book?

This book is for parents and children alike. For people who celebrate Eid, and for people who don’t.



Q. What is the key message you give in your book?

The book focuses on what brings us together, not what divides us. We need to see diversity as a source of strength not weakness.  Learning about different cultures and teaching our kids to be open-minded to diverse experiences is exactly what we need in today’s society.

Needless to say, all parents endeavour to instil good family values in their children. If you look at the current socio-political environment, we want to teach our children that they must choose Diversity over Division in their day-to-day lives.

Q. What makes your book different from others like it in the market?

There are not many titles out there in the Children’s book genre about Ramadan, Eid etc. and certainly not enough illustration books. My wife Naima and I always struggled to find age-relevant content for their kids.

The book is also different because I am launching it as an e-Book and an audio book to cater to all children, realising that kids have different styles of learning and absorbing information. So experience the book at bedtime as a paperback, or listen to it in the car with your headphones on as an audio book, or enjoy reading it on your smart device as an eBook.

Q. How can a reader order the book?

The book is available online for worldwide shipping from, and It is available as a Hardcover, Paperback, eBook and Audio book as well.

Q. How can your readers reach you / connect with you?

I love connecting with my readers to get a first hand feedback. So if you are a parent reading to your kids, or if you are a child who liked the book, please connect with me. Tell me what story you liked the best? Who was your favorite character. I would love hearing from you.

You can purchase your copy on as a Hardcopy, Paperback or eBook.

Worldwide shipping is also available from and

Readers can follow Omer on Facebook ( - “Omer Naqi - Author - Tales from a Dad”), Instagram (omernaqi) and Twitter handle (@onaqi) for updates.