Oman marks anniversary of Renaissance Day

 22 Jul 2017 - 23:12

Oman marks anniversary of Renaissance Day
H M Sultan Qaboos bin Said of the Sultanate of Oman speaking during the celebrations to mark the 47th anniversary of the Blessed Renaissance Day.


Muscat:  The Sultanate of Oman will celebrate today, the 47th anniversary of the Blessed Renaissance Day.
On this day, the courageous Omani people renew the pledge and loyalty to H M Sultan Qaboos bin Said. They also express their gratitude, appreciation and love to the Sultan who revived the ancient glories of Oman and built a full-fledged modern state based on equality and citizenship that seeks progress, growth and rule of the law for all citizens.
On this glorious day, the Omanis feel proud of the achievements made throughout the past 47 years of the Blessed Renaissance march under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. Thanks to His Majesty’s wise vision and the steady efforts and involvement of the Omani people, Oman has become, as outlined by His Majesty, an oasis of security and prosperity, as well as a modern state where all Omanis enjoy decent living, security and safety.
The July 23 of 1970 marked the beginning of a bright era for the Sultanate of Oman. Today, Omanis are reaping the fruits of years of construction and building.
They are also taking advantage of the successes of the policies implemented by Sultan Qaboos Bin Said on both internal and external levels. Since the dawn of the first day of the Blessed Renaissance, His Majesty the Sultan had a fatherly vision that forecasts the future and accommodates all citizens. His Majesty the Sultan has been very keen on setting up justice organizations, integrating the value of justice and supporting the rule of law. His Majesty has also developed a foreign policy that is based on cooperation, trust, credibility, frankness and clarity in dealing with brothers and friends at the different situations, developments and circumstances.
The foreign policy has maintained Oman’s leading status and positive role. It also enhanced cooperation with the different sisterly and friendly countries and made Oman an active player to ensure welfare of peoples in the region and the world.
The Sultanate, thanks to His Majesty the Sultan’s peace approach, managed to establish brotherly and friendly relations with various countries around the world. The Sultanate was also keen on continuing and developing these relations in all fields to achieve the interest of the Sultanate and other countries. The Sultanate has been one of the states that relied on negotiation principle to solve disputes and settle them in a peaceful way based on mutual respect, international law principles, non-interference in other states’ domestic affairs and maintaining cooperation to achieve common interests and good neighborliness.
His Majesty the Sultan, thanks to these credible policies and stances, has been recognised by leaders of the region and the world, which extended to various aspects of Omani relations with brotherly and friendly nations.