Qatar sets world record for longest selfie stick

 22 Sep 2017 - 1:44

Qatar sets world record for longest selfie stick
Graduates of Sky Climbers second batch setting a Guinness World record by taking a selfie with the world’s longest Selfie stick at QNCC. Pic Abdul Basit / The Peninsula.

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

Qatar set a new world record for ‘the longest selfie stick’ during the graduation ceremony of the second batch of Sky Climbers’ talented individuals at Qatar National Convention Center.

Seventy-six graduates from different fields managed to set a new record. The stick, measuring 18m, was certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest selfie stick, beating the previous record of 16m.

Talking to The Peninsula, Azza Salah, Founder and CEO of Sky Climbers, said: “Our event was amazing, I am satisfied today and thank God for making it happen and possible. When you are young entrepreneur and you start a business out of nothing and you work for you business day and night and one day you see 76 graduates from different fields from the age of 16 to 25. Studying under the guidance of more than 14 trainers to make this project a success. I call ‘Sky Climbers’ a huge success for a young entrepreneur.”

Expressing her feelings on setting a new record, she said:“Today the record we marked in the state of Qatar, does not belong to sky climbers. We did this for everyone who lives in Qatar. Despite the ongoing situation we managed to put Qatar in the ‘World Guinness Book Records’, it wasn’t about making the ‘Longest Selfie Stick’ possible and taking a selfie during an event. It was something we have to return to the state of Qatar for giving us a lot.”

“We have decided to hold a poetry programme at our Institute. Now we have introduced subjects in English language as we want to open doors for more nationalities. We don’t want the language to be a barrier in building a nation of talented shining stars,” she added.

During the event, Lolwa Al Marri, President of Qatar Women Sports committee, said: “We are very glad to be here as Qatar Women Sports Committee and to be one of the main sponsors of this programme. We are pleased to see females more than males graduating today. I expect more talented students next year and I wish the students who graduated today all the best for their future. I am very proud to see them set a record today as well. They have pass out with flying colors.”

Whereas students of sky climbers got graduated in different courses which includes Filmmaking and Photography, Television and Radio, Theater and Music, Painting and Drawing, Make-Up for film and everyday use and many more.

“I have graduated in photography programme today, I congratulate all my fellow students who graduated today. The experience was filled with opportunities and new adventures.I also appreciate my teachers for putting a lot of efforts on us by grooming our skills and making this possible for all of us today. Lastly I would congratulate all the people who were determined and made ‘Guinness World Records’ happen,” said Ahed Hassan, newly graduated Photography student at Sky Climbers.

This year Sky Climbers have introduced new subject of ‘Poetry’, as the new session starts. Radi Al Hajri, a renowned Qatari poet will be teaching poetry to the students.

Radi Al Hajri, Head of Poerty Program, told The Peninsula: “Sky climbers discovers talents in young people and helps polishing them. Recently we have introduced poetry subject at Sky Climbers. I have been doing poetry in Qatar for many years now. This is a new opportunity for young people to discover their talent and groom it with Sky Climbers. I am proud to be a part of this organization where I can teach people what I know. The record which has been made today by Sky Climbers requires a lot of technical aspect, being an engineer it was not easy to make it possible but we all managed to make it possible today and mark this in history of Qatar.”