Dialogue not destruction

 22 Nov 2017 - 18:28

The Peninsula

Growing political tension in the Middle East due to reckless political manoeuvres by some countries has become a source of concern for the whole world prompting calls from across the globe to cool down simmering tensions for the security of the region in particular and the world in general.

Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister H E Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani also expressed same fears recently while talking in Washington and pointed out that desire by some regional players to force other nations into submission employing bullying tactics are creating instability in the Middle East. After imposition of unjust siege on Qatar on June 5 this year on baseless grounds, now Saudi Arabia and the UAE are advancing their agenda of power politics without realization of ground realities. Following their step against Qatar, same tactics are being employed in Lebanon creating a great unrest and anxiety in the region and beyond.

The siege countries are taking dangerous and unilateral actions against various countries even without providing any kind of justification for their reckless political moves. Despite the passage of around six months since the Saudi-led bloc severed ties with Qatar, these countries have totally failed to present any concrete evidence supporting their allegations against Qatar.

At the same time, they are not ready to sit on table of talks to sort out any political differences despite repeated calls by the international community to do so. Qatar’s willingness for dialogue and engagement
also met negative response from obstinate rulers of siege countries. The Deputy Prime Minister rightly pointed out that “the siege countries are undermining stability of the region and gambling with the lives of their
people.” And all this is done in the times when the whole region is fighting to curb the hydra-headed monster of terror with global support.

Under these extra-sensitive conditions, this region cannot afford political adventurism and muscleflexing as being exercised by the siege countries. It is time to focus on the fight against terrorism and curb the menace with collective efforts and not to open new as they may provide breeding space to the forces of darkness. By opening new fronts from Yemen to Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and its allies are rather damaging ongoing war on terror and confusing the global coalition against terror. Therefore, it is the foremost duty of world powers in particular and other countries in general to stop siege countries from creating a chaos in the region and solve political disputes only through dialogue and more dialogue.