GEC commences human resources training

 23 Apr 2017 - 11:10

GEC commences human resources training

The Peninsula

Global Education Centre (GEC), Doha, announced the official commencement of human resources training by its HR training division. 

GEC organises it in association with “Inspiring Citizen, India” headed by the international behavioural trainer and life transformation specialist Mohammad Rafi TF, in the presence of internationally celebrated NLP trainer, James Tsakalos, who is in Qatar along with Rafi to conduct a series of training programmes.   

James is the founder, CEO and Principal Trainer of reputed training establishment  “Developing Magic” in Melbourne , Australia and the developer of ‘Spiral Somatics’, which is a ground breaking method of reading the subtle physiological indicators of fundamental values, attitudes and core beliefs.  

James is the first and the only Australian trainer to have been invited to teach at NLP Mind-fest, an international NLP Symposium featuring twenty of the world’s top NLP experts.  

James stated that the HR training is being undertaken with an underlying concept of developing a committed, value-based and sincere attitude in all personnel so as to ensure their peak performance and optimum outcome in all realms of lives, be it personal or professional.   James added that the Training Division would impart transformational training to individuals of diverse background, including students, faculty, business people, management professionals, employees of corporate and government sectors, budding talents and differently abled personnel.  The training modules are formulated to cater to the training requirements of small, medium and large scale business establishments as well, with an aim of their personal and emotional growth besides their skills-set development for varying professional functions.  The training would also encompass conducting events  aimed at bringing about peak performance of differently-abled people and experiential growth of budding talents.

Speaking on the occasion, Rafi stated that the training sessions would encompass workshops, continuity training programmes, NLP, Hypnosis, Train the Trainer, Senior leaders programme, Students Programmes (Bring out the Genius in You),  Faculty Development Program, Mind Power, Leadership, SALES Champions, Firewalk, Memorisation Techniques, Behavioural Training etc.  The training would be activity-filled and participant-centred ensuring enhanced self-esteem, self-confidence and highest performance. 

GEC Managing Director, Ashraf Achoth, affirmed that the training division would stand benefited from the in-depth and varied experience of both James and Rafi, whose experience spans about two decades encompassing over 100,000 people put together that includes all categories of students, celebrities, and distinguished top professionals worldwide. The press meet was attended by James Tsakalos, Mohammed Rafi, Ashraf Achoth and GEC Head of HR & Training Sebastian Chacko.

Tsakalos and Rafi would conduct separate workshops for parents and students at GEC.  In addition, two full-day NLP training programme for business people, professionals and couples is planned on 21 and 22 April 2017.  Those desirous of participating in these workshops may register their names with Global Education Centre on Mob : 55425702 Tele :  44115244.  Email : [email protected]