Tips and tricks for hair care during summer

 23 May 2016 - 12:53

Tips and tricks for hair care during summer

By Anisha Bijukumar 

Extreme climates are not really your best friends, especially with the havoc they wreak with your hair. Hair turn so dull and lusterless during summer that it loses its nourishment. 

And this is why extra care and protection is required during the summer months. Simple and small precaution while heading out in hot sun will go a long way in ensuring your mane stays nourished and healthy. Here are a few natural rules and measures to protect your hair without turning it into a battle.

Cover Up

While heading out use a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from direct exposure. This will also help retain the moisture, protect against tangling when windy and retain your hair colour for a few more days. 

Opt for loose, comfortable hairstyle 

Braid your hair, loose ponytails or short hair are best to minimize the damage due to sun exposure and to ensure that the sweat does not accumulate in your hair. It is also ideal for keeping your hair under control especially when it is hot and windy. 

Wash less 

Everyday hair wash can strip your hair of essential oils, which in turn produces more oil and make you feel the need to wash again. It is always best to just rinse them in the shower using a mild shampoo.

Go for air-drying rather than blow-drying 

It is best to let your hair dry naturally than using a blow dryer as it already exposed to heat on a daily basis during summer. In case you have to blow dry, try to use it at a lower temperature. 

Condition always

Conditioning helps de-frizz your hair. Use light products than strong conditioner. Apply some coconut oil to smoothen your hair and moisturize them after washing.

Use some sunscreen 

Shampoos with sunscreen tend to be stronger and it might damage your tresses more than protect them. Instead, after applying sunscreen on your body, just run your hands through your hair and it will be enough to protect your hair.

Pick a wide-tooth comb

Rather than running a hair brush through your hair, it would be best to choose a wide tooth comb as they tend to be gentler for untangling. 

Trim them often

Once in a while trimming your hair will keep them healthy especially during summer as the chances of growing split ends is much higher.

Massage your hair once a month 
Use warm oil (coconut, olive or almond oil) to massage your hair from the ends to the roots. Then wash and condition your hair as usual. Your hair would have an extra bounce. 

Box: Egg mask for shiny strong hair      

Eggs are rich in proteins and vitamins and an egg mask can help resolve common hair problems. To make it, use the white of one egg and mix it with teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice and yogurt. Beat the mixture until it forms a paste. Apply it throughout your hair from end to roots, starting at your scalp. Leave it on for some time and rinse it off with cool water and mild shampoo. 

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