MES retains title in Islamic competition

 23 Nov 2015 - 12:33

MES retains title in Islamic competition
The champions with their certificates and trophies. 


Doha: MES Indian School has won the overall championship in both the 22nd Sirat-Un-Nabi Interschool Recitation Competition and the 25th Interschool Elocution Competitions, which were organized at MES Indian School under the patronage of Presidency of Private Education for all the expatriate schools of the Indian subcontinent in Qatar.

As many as forty participants from ten expatriate schools participated in the events. This is the 7th consecutive year that MES Indian School is retaining the overall championship trophy in Sirat-Un-Nabi Interschool Elocution Competition.

Senior students had verses from Al-Ahzab/Yaseen/Ad-Dukhan for the Recitation Competition while junior students had verses from Ar-Rahman/Al-Mujadalah/Ad Dahr. In the Elocution Competition, Senior students spoke on, “The decline of Islamic values adversely affected mankind”, and the topic for the juniors was “Is a human being born sinful?”

The winners of the Qur’an Recitation are:

Junior Category: 

  • First: Ahamad Shah Mohammed (MES Indian School) and Muhammed Hashim Abdul Rehma (Birla Public School)
  • Second: Jaefar Shameem (DPS MIS) and Tamim Mohammed Farooq (Pakistan Education Centre)
  • Third: Misnad Kasim (Shantiniketan Indian School)

Senior Category:

  • First: Abdullah Mohammed Arif (Ideal Indian School)
  • Second: Abdullah Mohyiddin (Shantiniketan Indian School) and Jassim Hussain (MES Indian School) 
  • Third: Abdur Rafae (Pakistan Education Centre) and Ammar Ahmed Khan (DPS Modern Indian School)

The winners of the Elocution are:

Junior Category: 

  • First: Abdullah Vali (Ideal Indian School)
  • Second: Sahana Bharadwaj  (Doha Modern Indian School) 
  • Third: Juwairia Mohammed Noorul Hassan (MES Indian School) 

Senior Category:

  • First: Bushra (Shantiniketan Indian School)
  • Second: Safin Hossain (MES Indian School)
  • Third: Marshooda Fathima (Doha Modern Indian School)

The winners were awarded the certificates and trophies. 

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