Sharq Village to offer Qatari brunch at Al Liwan

 23 Nov 2015 - 0:00

Sharq Village to offer  Qatari brunch at Al Liwan


DOHA: Sharq Village & Spa has introduced a new dining experience for guests by offering a wide selection of authentic Qatari dishes every Saturday at Al Liwan Restaurant.
Led by Qatari guest chef, Shaikha Ahmad M Al Meer and Executive Chef Hassan Abdallah, the culinary team will present a buffet laden with a selection of mouth-watering local dishes.
“I am delighted to have the opportunity to share the food of my heritage and culture with the guests of Sharq Village & Spa,” said Chef Almeer. “The cuisine of Qatar will provide a truly unique experience to diners as they enjoy flavours both familiar and new to them.”  
“This unique experience showcases culinary traditions tied to the rich culture and heritage of Qatar, where there are always discoveries to be made,” says Chef Hassan. Local artefacts, a Henna service along with Majlis seating area will complement the restaurant’s elegant décor.
The menu will include specialties such as Harris, Chicken Madrouba, Chicken Tarid, Chicken Machgoul, Beef Badawi, Shrimps Jerish, Fish Mouhamar and Vegetable Salona. For a sweet ending to the culinary journey, there will be a selection of desserts such as Loukaimat, Kanfaroush, Balalit, Sago Hisso, Okailih, Mouhalabia, Assid with dates and Qabiss.
The brunch is available from 12:30pm to 4pm every Saturday. Priced at QR250 it includes a welcome drink.

Chicken Machgoul:  Chicken peeled and marinated with turmeric, coriander, saffron and rosewater, then cooked with boiled rice and lentil.

Madrouba:  Rice cooked with milk, butter, and flavoured with cardamom

Loukaimat:  Sweet spherical confections made with flour and yeast, deep with honey

Kanfaroush:  Confection made with flour, cardamom and saffron

Sago:  Pearls made with starch, milk, sugar

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