Kaspersky Lab expands product portfolio in Qatar

 24 May 2016 - 0:00

Kaspersky Lab expands product portfolio in Qatar
Mohammed Amin Hasbini


DOHA: Kaspersky Lab has announced expansion of its enterprise security product portfolio in Qatar with a solution designed to detect targeted attacks. The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform is a premium solution based on the most advanced technology to date that draws on Kaspersky Lab’s expertise in the detection and analysis of the world’s most sophisticated threats.
“Nowadays businesses need to overcome many cyber threats, including some of the most advanced ones, for which they need knowledge of possible attack vectors, indicators of compromise, and the ability to distinguish normal operations from malicious activity,” said said Ovanes Mikhaylov, Managing Director in the Middle East, Kaspersky Lab.
“This requires strong security expertise combined with technology that is capable of spotting a criminal act in the avalanche of daily activity in a large corporation, This challenge is being addressed with the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform, together with the security services aimed at sharing security intelligence with our customers faster than ever before,” he added.
The Middle East as a whole has faced numerous targeted attacks, including those advanced persistent threats discovered by Kaspersky Lab.
Conventional protection technologies are very good at preventing generic threats and attacks from breaching the corporate perimeter.
Although the number of such threats is still growing, businesses are becoming more concerned about targeted attacks and advanced cyber-weapons used for the purposes of cyber-espionage or the disruption of business activity.
While these threats represent a tiny fraction (less than one percent) of the entire landscape, they present the highest risk to companies worldwide.
The number of such attacks is growing steadily, and the price-per-attack is diminishing.
Solving the “one percent” problem requires advanced technology and proper security intelligence that has either been accumulated within the company or requested from a security vendor.
The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform is designed to identify and highlight unusual actions that constitute strong evidence of malicious intent.

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