‘Ramadanak’ at Grand Hyatt Doha Hotels & Villas

 24 May 2017 - 8:50

‘Ramadanak’ at Grand Hyatt Doha Hotels & Villas

The Peninsula

Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel and Villas, in partnership with Qatar Airways is gearing-up for the Holy month of Ramadan to bring back one of the city’s most popular tents; ‘Ramadanak’. 

This year the tent will be held in ‘Al Maha’ and ‘Majlis’ where the Arabian spirit of Ramdan will be encompassed. As the sun sets, the city comes to life as families and friends head out to break their fasts with an iftar buffet and indulge in the local flavours of the city.

The hotel atrium and lobby lounge ‘AL Maha’ will be converted into a vast entertainment and seating area, making it the perfect place for families and friends to gather during the holy month of Ramadan and enjoy top quality Shisha ,while enjoying the Iftar or Sohour buffet.

The Iftar and Sohour buffet , as well as dining space, will be available this year in Arabic restaurant ‘Majlis’, which will be expanded to include a tent built on the terrace so guests can enjoy varied seating options.

This year the Iftar buffet at the Grand Hyatt is a carefully crafted international buffet with flavors catering to all tastes. A variety of live stations will be set up to provide a mouth-watering selection of Arabian flavors such as grills and traditional dishes alongside international cuisines. 

Ramadanak’s buffet will be full of its famously extensive dessert selection that includes the Arabian specialties that only appear during the holy month, to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, or for the guests who crave something to celebrate the magnificent traditions of the month.

Also available for guests looking for a late night sohour is the sohour tray, which gives the feeling of a homemade meal with a unique Hyatt twist. There will be dishes available to vegetarians and light eaters and the sohour tray includes dishes such as fatouch, shakshouka, houmous and labneh. Timings: Iftar- served between 6pm-8.30pm; Sohour- served between 10pm-1.30pm.