Best Buddies Qatar holds yoga and drama events

 24 May 2017 - 10:52

Best Buddies Qatar holds yoga and drama events

The Peninsula

Within the Primary Schools Program and with the support of Six Senses Spa and Sharq Village & Spa a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Best Buddies Qatar held the closing class of Yoga and Drama Course “Happy Journey” 2016-2017 for its members from the following schools: Al Khansa, Al Wafaa, Maymouna, Al Tamakoun, Ibn Al Haytham Islamic schools and Qatar Autism Center & Special Needs.

Best Buddies Qatar is a governmental non-profitable organisation under umbrella of Qatar Foundation for Social Work which aims to enhance life of people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities through socialisation and one-to-one long lasting meaningful friendships.

The course was held for Best Buddies Qatar male and female members of the age 8-17 years old separately 4 times weekly. Yoga and wellness experts of Six Senses Spa and the programme coordinator of Best Buddies Qatar enhanced the movement skills, imagination, creativity, discipline, concentration, communication skills, behaviour and self-expression of participants through yoga exercises, breathing therapies, drama method of feelings and self-expression though creating and portraying through movements of different fairy-tales.

Tahania Sayeed Al Salbookh, a sister of 9-year old member Mohammed from Al Wafaa School, said: “My brother is a first year member at Best Buddies Qatar. He has hearing problem. Gratefully to yoga course, we already see a great progress and help in improvement of his physical balance, also he became more confident, social  and open with people. I see the change not only in my brother, also other members. I am very thankful to Best Buddies Qatar”.

The event started with reading of Holy Quran and singing the Anthem of Qatar.

Afterwards, Aya Ehala, Best Buddies Qatar Ambassador from Al Tamakoun School, expressed her gratitude of being its member and witnessing the great influence of peer friendships of people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities and the opportunities of socialising through numerous and various activities and programs.”

Franciska Antunes, Area Spa Director of Six Senses Spa, said: “Six Senses Spa Doha is proud to be part of another annual celebration of the Best Buddies Qatar yoga programme. We started this programme with nine members in 2013 and this year, we welcomed 75.”

Mohammed Al-Sayeed, the Manager of Rehabilitation and Inclusion department at Best Buddies Qatar expressed gratitude and handed over the appreciation awards to Six Senses Spa and Sharq Village & SPA Management for their keen dedication and to Best Buddies Qatar. Later on, Mohammed distributed certificates to schools’ teachers who permanently support the attendance of Best Buddies Qatar members.

Wael Maatouk, The General Manager of Sharq Village and Spa a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, admitted: “Our “” Community Footprint” strategy at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, worldwide is to contribute to local community to see the ways we can help to improve the communities’ needs.”

Laalei Abu Alfain, The Executive Director of Best Buddies Qatar,