Qatar Charity bid to combat cholera epidemic in Yemen

 24 May 2017 - 9:00

Qatar Charity bid to combat cholera epidemic in Yemen
A Qatar Charity- supported health clinic in Yemen.

The Peninsula

Following a call by international organisations that raised the alarm, Qatar Charity (QC) has begun finalising a campaign to combat the cholera epidemic in Yemen. The campaign is expected to benefit 40,000 people.

It will focus on providing drinkable water in the areas most in need, in order to prevent people from using polluted water that results in the infection, and to support health centers to offer treatment and medicine for the affected people, especially as most health centers have been affected by the Yemeni crisis.

Mohammed Al Kaabi, Director of Qatar Charity’s Relief Department, said: "QC has followed the Yemeni crisis since its beginning and has launched emergency relief campaigns and projects in various regions. However, the magnitude of the current crisis is great and our brothers are in danger. International organisations have launched repeated appeals to accelerate the fight against the spreading cholera epidemic in Yemen, which prompted us to launch this campaign, which we hope will benefit 40,000 people.”

Moreover, he appealed to the generous donors to respond quickly to support the campaign, pointing out that every passing day the suffering increases and many lives may unfortunately be lost while they could have been saved if the necessary support had been available.

Through certain stocks, benefactors in Qatar are urged to donate for the benefit of their affected brothers in Yemen. The stocks are: “Water supply” which is worth 100QR, the "food basket" which is worth 300QR, and "medical services" with a worth of QR500. Donation to this campaign is also available using one of these means: send a text message “sms” having “YEAV” symbol to 92632 to donate 50QR, and to 92642 to donate 100QR, and to 92428 to donate 500QR.

Donors can also donate to the campaign via e-mail to QC or via the hotline: 44667711, or through the collection points and QC’s self-service devices in the malls.

The United Nations has announced that an estimated 7.6 million people are living in areas vulnerable to the transmission of cholera in Yemen. The UN also mentioned the inadequate sanitation and assured that all displacement places and shelters are at risk of transmission of the disease. Besides, Red Cross stressed that 180 people have died of the disease since late April, and the situation requires immediate intervention from international and regional organizations to reduce the risk of the spread of cholera in Yemen.