Falcon expo continues to draw crowds; to end today

 24 Sep 2017 - 9:28

Falcon expo continues to draw crowds; to end today
A participant with his falcon at the exhibition.


On its fourth day yesterday, the Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition S’hail 2017 continued to attract enthusiasts from the hunting and falconry field. The expo is scheduled to end today.

S’hail 2017  was visited by members of diplomatic missions to Qatar and Minister of Development Planning and Statistics, H E Dr Saleh bin Mohamed Al-Nabet and the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Qatar, H E Fikret Özer, who expressed his country’s readiness to participate in the second edition of S’hail as it entailed a wide range of audiences along with outstanding participations of high-class local and international repute. 

There’s so much for a visitor to see and engage in at the Katara International Hunting & Falcons Exhibition.  Among the variety of falcon art and related products displayed, there was a special and unique work from Saker Arts for the ‘very special’ and discerning clients.

Just as the tag says, it’s an exclusive art capturing the passion of falconry and Arabic heritage. If someone finds the language difficult to understand, a look at one of these masterpieces can simply make your jaw drop.

Made with precious metals and latest technological designs, these glorious falcon icons are simply a treasure.

Catering to the tastes of the Qataris for several years now, Claire & Rogers Griffiths has been excelling for Saker Arts in the region. Delighted to be a part of this exhibition now, Claire said the first edition of the exhibition has been a revelation.

About their own part, she explains, “We produce exclusive works of art based on the art of falconry. We design custom-built art pieces made using absolute modern technology for the discerning client and which we are showcasing at the exhibition. 

“These are made using the finest gems, gold, silver, emeralds, diamonds and pearls with craftsmanship from London-based designers. The products carry the Hatton Garden, London trademark which has been in existence since 1500s and so it has that heritage. Each trademark is also unique so we guarantee our client that what they have on display is fundamentally their right.

“These are jewellery pieces inspired by the falconry. They are completely unique, custom built and ultimate in exclusivity to ensure the value increases over time. They are investment pieces. We only use certified diamond and gems of GIA certification which are embedded in either 14 carats white gold or 18 carat hallmark yellow gold, sterling silver and ceramic.”

“We take appointments with our clients, we lay the design brief and take it from there. Most of our pieces would cost a minimum of QR500,000.

“The falconry art is all about the Middle East and Qatar has its own special place given the knowledge and passion of the people here,” she says.

Adding nostalgia to the Katara International Hunting & Falcons Exhibition are the vintage cars and trucks kept outside the main venue and visitors were fascinated by them.

A set of vintage trucks and 4x4 cars used for hunting years ago are on display. The well-preserved cars are of various makes, which Qataris mainly used for hunting trips. Some of these date back to the 1950’s. Vehicles like the old off-road truck ‘Dodge Power Wagon’ was aptly described by an elderly visitor. “This car never failed us in the olden days. When we didn’t have much of concrete roads and yet we could never get stuck in the sand while hunting,” he said closely examining the vehicle.

Other models which have survived and are in use till date, like the most popular car in Qatar, ‘The Toyota Land Cruiser is also on show with models dating back to 1980’s.