Private sector proved ability to face siege: Qatar Chamber

 24 Sep 2017 - 7:55

Private sector proved ability to face siege: Qatar Chamber
Qatar Chamber officials meeting with the representatives of private companies importing raw materials, yesterday.


Vice-Chairman of Qatar Chamber of Commerce, Muhammed bin Ahmed bin Towar Al Kuwari, said that the Qatari private sector has proved its ability to face the siege imposed by three Gulf states on the State of Qatar since June 5.

Al Kuwari said that the Qatari market remained steadfast even after more than a hundred days of the unjust siege. He added that the Qatari market was not affected, as expected by the siege countries which was betting on the geographical and demographic size of the state, out of the belief that it will not bare the land, air and sea siege they imposed in violation of all international norms and laws.

He pointed out that the neighbouring countries that bet on the siege of Qatar, have forgotten that countries are not measured by geographical area or population. “Many geographically small countries have achieved a lot more than other countries with large areas,” he said, citing the Republic of Singapore, which has become the largest economic success story of the modern era, and its economic growth has become a role model for the countries of the world.

Al Kuwari stressed that the siege, no matter how long it continues, will not affect the Qatari economy, especially that Qatari businessmen and companies are enjoying outstanding relations with suppliers from around the world. He added that the flow of goods needed by the Qatari market will continue without any obstacles. He said that the efforts being made by the State of Qatar to localise more industries and encourage investment in small and medium industries, whether through local investors or by attracting foreign investment, will play a major role in boosting local production of various commodities and in reducing imports.

He stressed that the State of Qatar has succeeded in building a strong and solid knowledge-based economy building a true partnership between the public and private sectors. It was natural that the private sector would move in all directions to face this unjust siege, he added.

Qatar has used several available options and alternatives to meet the needs of the local market for all goods, he said, pointing that the launch of new lines between Hamad Port and a number of regional and international ports, has contributed to the promotion of the movement of imports from countries around the world.

The strength of the Qatari economy and the vigilance of businessmen were crucial factors in avoiding any gap in the domestic market, he said. He explained that no interruption in the supply of any of the commodity was registered, pointing that the shortage in the goods that used to come from the siege countries was covered by alternatives from other markets without any impact on the consumer. 

He expressed appreciation to the great response by businessmen with the pivotal role played by Qatar Chamber in this regard.

Al Kuwari praised the Qatar Chamber’s efforts that have been exerted in confronting the siege since the beginning of crisis, and its prompt responses in order to maintain the flow of goods and products. Qatar Chamber has communicated with the businessmen since the first day of the siege to find new alternatives for the importation of commodities, especially food, as a matter of urgency, he said, adding that it also coordinated with various concerned government agencies and formed specialised committees to tackle all obstacles in order to ensure the continuous flow of goods from abroad without interruption.

He added that the Chamber has identified in this regard the food and logistics stocks in the private sector, urged all businessmen to avoid putting additional burdens on the consumer due to the increase of some freight charges, and called for directing private sector investments to establish new projects needed by the domestic market.