Call for strict monitoring of food outlets

 25 Apr 2017 - 23:46

By Sidi Mohamed / The Peninsula

Many people are urging the municipalities to intensify inspections of food outlets, with a reported increase in violations of health regulations. Every month a minimum of three to five food outlets are closed, which means they are not respecting the rules and regulations related to health and safety.
The violations vary from selling expired products, displaying food unfit for human consumption, preparing it in poor conditions to not complying with specific standards and expired licences and so on.
"I cant imagine why some shops are violating municipalities' rules and selling expired products and invite fine and closure," said Amin Taher. "Municipalities are conducting hundreds of inspections every month, However violations are recorded daily," said another resident.
About the punishments and fines against violators, a source at the Doha municipality said that in case violations are not affecting people’s health, "we just give warning and take commitments from violators not to repeat them. The punishment of the closure does not exceed 60 days."
“Inspectors are very strict. They visit our eatery at different times. Our restaurant was closed for one week in addition to a fine because they were saying the chicken didn’t cook very well," said a restaurant owner at Al Wakra. Recently, two food outlets in Al Wukair and Al Mashaf were shut down for operating without licence.
The Health Monitoring Section at Al Wakra Municipality has seized 250kg of foodstuffs stored secretly in unhealthy conditions, all of which were destroyed.
The store, which is located on Sheihk Abdelrahman bin Jassem street, was closed.