Turnbull no to National Day date-change

 26 Jan 2017 - 22:20

Turnbull no to National Day date-change
Aboriginal protesters hold signs as they demonstrate outside the Victorian State Parliament on Australia Day, in Melbourne, yesterday.


Sydney: The date of Australia's national day should not be changed, the prime minister said yesterday, as thousands protested over the day that commemorates the arrival of the country's first British settlers.
While a national day of celebration, some Australians view the date as 'Invasion Day' as it marks the beginning of British colonisation.
"I believe we should maintain the date," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said yesterday.  
"Everyone is entitled to a point of view, but I think most Australians accept January 26 as Australia Day".
"It is a day where we celebrate the rich diversity of all of our cultures - from our First Australians... to the new citizens, migrants who come from such diverse range of countries."
There were several 'Invasion Day' rallies across major Australian cities, with protesters marching in support of disadvantaged Aboriginal community and a change of date.