20 female students from QU begin ROTA-sponsored Nepal trip

 26 Jan 2018 - 2:25

20 female students from QU begin ROTA-sponsored Nepal trip
Participants at the ROTA 2018 Nepal Student Volunteer Trip.

The Peninsula

DOHA: Education Above All (EAA) Foundation’s programme, Reach Out to Asia (ROTA), in collaboration with Qatar University, organised a 10-day trip to Nepal for the University’s 20 female volunteer students. The trip will take participants to Bardiya and Banke rural districts in Western Nepal with the aim to develop leadership skills among youth and prepare them for potential economic and social challenges.
The trip that kicked off on January 19 is organised in collaboration with Rural Education And Development Global (READ) Nepal, a non-profit organisation operating in rural South Asia that seeks to build literacy and empower rural communities through Community Libraries and Resource Centers (CLRCs).
This ROTA project, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, intends to expand education and livelihood resources for communities in general and for youth in particular in four districts of Nepal. With a special focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills, the project aims to establish and upgrade 11 community centers which will create educational, social and economic opportunities for communities through community engagement.
Mohammed Al Saleh, National Programme Director at EAA’s ROTA, said: “During the trip, the selected students who have passion in leadership and youth development, and have the required skills in IT, business and leadership, will be exposed to the reality faced by in-country EAA beneficiaries in order to raise their awareness of how education addresses developmental needs. The students will also have the chance to participate in an organised and well facilitated peer to peer workshop on leadership, computer skills, decision making and entrepreneurship, to develop their psychosocial life skills enabling them to cope with life and its challenges, and help them gain cross-cultural understanding in an open and trusting environment, as well as improving their interpersonal communication, self-awareness and empathy.”
The volunteering students will be inspired throughout this journey to engage in on-going Qatar-based volunteering activities, and implement the knowledge and learning experiences they received as part of ROTA’s Model of International Volunteer Trips.
Noora Al Thani, ROTA’s volunteer, commented: “I am really excited about this volunteering journey.”