Ezdan Holding launches training courses

 26 May 2016 - 1:55

Ezdan Holding launches training courses
Dr Moussa Al Awwad, (left) Chief Operating Officer honouring one of the participants of training courses.


DOHA: Human Resources and Administration Department in Ezdan Holding Group has launched a series training courses for its personnel in various departments, on different areas related to the development of professional and interpersonal skills. 
The group is holding such courses as part of its keenness to boost capabilities of its employees and raise productivity efficiency, which will eventually reflect positive results on available operational possibilities.
The Group Senior management represented by Dr Moussa Al Awwad, Chief Operating Officer, honoured all the participants in the training courses to motivate them and make them feel their efforts and contributions are valued and appreciated. The total courses organised in 2016 reached 26 trainings, in which 161 employees were involved. 
These courses were held at the group’s headquarters tackling multiple areas, including managerial skills development, customer service, leadership abilities development, and other training programs aimed at raising the operational capacity. 
During the courses, interactive multi-media tools were used in order to facilitate the learning process and allow the participants to acquire further information as much as possible. The training sessions also dedicated time for asking various questions and perform effective exercises that help enhance the participants’ understanding of the objectives of the session. 
Dr Al Awwad stressed that Ezdan Holding Group is keen on developing the skills of its employees continuously, through intensive training courses which provide customised learning and development solutions that would guide them to excel in their roles, acquiring new skills, increasing their contribution to the business and building their self-esteem. 
The courses, during the current year, included 15 training sessions within the group and 11 outside it, in which 138 employees and 23 managers benefited. 
The Group also seeks to improve productivity and adherence to quality standards, as employees will be able to develop skill sets that allow them undertake a greater variety of work, which will improve the business efficiency to unprecedented levels. 
“One of the most important strategic principles for 2016 is based on the allocation of various resources in order to support our capabilities and qualify them to effectively respond to the various challenges required by the job market,” said Dr Al Awwad regarding Group’s strategies for the year 2016. “We decided to develop this approach by organising training courses within our headquarters for the sake to provide training opportunities to our employees and means to hone their skills as per our business needs. In addition, holding training courses at the headquarters of the group positively contributed to save time and efforts for participants and motivated them actively to attend the courses,” he added.The Peninsula