Qatar Charity provides school supplies to 1,000 orphan kids in Albania

 26 Sep 2016 - 10:32

Qatar Charity provides school supplies to 1,000 orphan kids in Albania
A student receiving school supplies at a Qatar Charity distribution centre in Tirana.

The Peninsula

DOHA: Qatar Charity (QC) has provided school supplies to 1,000 orphan children under its sponsor in Tirana, capital of Albania.

The supplies costing QR600 for each child included a school bag, textbooks, stationery and school uniform,comprising two trousers, two shirts, two jackets, sportswear and shoes.

QC implemented the project in the beginning of the school year, under the auspices of Albanian Minister of Labour Blend Clausa and Qatari Chargé d’Affaires Awad Habbabi.

Qatari philanthropists and sponsors of the orphans financed the project implemented by QC under the ‘Rofqa’a’ initiative. The project aimed at providing orphan children with monthly expenditure, healthcare services and social support. Special programmes were also conducted for top students.

Clausa saw the school kits provided by QC and expressed satisfaction with quality and variety. 

Habbabi expressed gratitude to cooperation between QC and the Qatari Embassy in Albania on one hand and between QC and Albanian ministries and relevant agencies on the other hand to serve community development goals related to the Albanian people.

The Orphan Sponsorship Project is one of the oldest and was implemented by QC in Albania in the early 1990s. QC conducts weekly and periodical programmes in the educational field for 2,100 orphans under its sponsorship. The programmes include weekly forum on Saturdays and Sundays. It includes teaching the Holy Quran, public morality and  the illustrious biography of the Prophet (PBUH) and Hadith.