GU-Q prepares for new students

 27 Jul 2017 - 2:03

GU-Q prepares for new students
GU-Q students getting prepared for the new academic year.

The Peninsula

Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) latest class, will start their journey with a new student orientation (NSO) in early August. With the University receiving the largest number of applications in its history this year, the Class of 2021 comprises students who successfully navigated the competitive admissions process.
GU-Q’s week-long orientation serves to introduce the students to the campus, their new classmates, faculty and staff members, and university life. They will meet on-on-one with their academic deans, learn more about the support services available to enhance their Georgetown experience, and have an opportunity to get to know the peers they will be studying alongside for the next four years.
The NSO team is focused on ensuring new students have a fun and seamless transition into their first week of classes. “It’s really scary coming into a new university,” said NSO coordinator Nayab Rana (SFS ’18). “Everybody is always very welcoming, but it’s still that transition period that everybody struggles with.”
Rana explained that they hope to create an orientation experience that will encourage new students to become involved in university life through the extracurricular activities and clubs on offer.
“We have a bunch of activities and sessions planned,” said NSO coordinator Omar Al Khateeb (SFS ’18).
The Class of 2021 will be the 13th cohort to begin their studies at GU-Q since the University first opened its doors in Qatar in 2005. They will be joining the highly ranked GU-Q Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree program, a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares students to tackle the most important and pressing global issues by helping them develop critical thinking, analytic, and communication skills within an international context.