Aid for displaced in Iraq

 27 Sep 2016 - 1:58

Aid for displaced in Iraq
Children in front of a water tank provided by RAF in Iraq.

The Peninsula

DOHA: The RAF has provided fresh humanitarian aid of QR1m to more than 30,000 internally displaced people fighting for survival due to unrest in Iraq.
The aid includes foodstuffs and clean drinking water. The project was financed by people from Qatar through donations. 
More than 4,750 displaced families sheltering in the refugee camps of Amiriyat Al Falluja, Dibika and Kelo-18 in Al Ramadi benefited from the project over several months.
The initiative aims to reduce the suffering of refugee families. Some 76,000 litres of drinking water was distributed on a daily basis. In addition, 5,000 baskets of basic foodstuffs were also distributed. 
A basket was enough for a family comprising six to eight members for two months. Water coolers were also given to the beneficiaries.
A water tank with the capacity of 16,000 litres was mobilised to distribute drinking water to the beneficiary families at refugee camps.