Syrian child escapes death after playing with bomb

 27 Nov 2017 - 12:28

Syrian child escapes death after playing with bomb


KILIS, Turkey: Abdulkafi Auni, heavily wounded after unknowingly playing football with a bomb, is getting better every day in Turkey’s southern Kilis province.

Nearly a week ago, five children were heavily wounded after playing with a bomb they found underneath the soil in Syria’s northeastern Aleppo province’s Al-Bab district. 

The children returned home in Al-Bab’s city center, after the area was liberated from IS in Operation Euphrates Shield.

The operation, which began last August and ended in March this year, was launched with the aim of eliminating the terrorist threat along the Turkey-Syria border with the use of FSA fighters backed by Turkish artillery and air cover. 

After the blast, the children were brought to the nearest hospital by Turkish soldiers. Twelve year old Abdulkafi Auni, in serious condition, was sent to Turkey in an ambulance.

Auni had surgery and stayed in the intensive care unit for four days.

Ruined streets, houses and schools returned to normal in the region where they live, after the Operation Euphrates Shield, Auni told Anadolu Agency.

Stating that he had a chance to play with his brother, uncle’s son and two friends, as it was holiday, Auni said:

“We found something underneath the soil. We took it out and started to play with it. Then it exploded and we were all injured.”

Auni also said that his condition gets better day by day, and he thanked everyone who helped him during his recovery.

- 'Turkish soldiers do not leave people alone'
Auni’s mother Aise Hemseri said she lost her husband ten years ago and their lives were ruined after the civil war erupted a few years later.

She stated that she returned to her country after living nine months in Istanbul with her eight children. 

“I have returned to my home just like everyone, after Turkish Armed Forces liberated Jarablus and Al-Bab regions from terrorism with the support of Free Syrian Army.”

Hemseri added that life got back to normal and they were living well thanks to the aid provided.

“But then we had this incident. Turkish soldiers took my other son, who was injured after the explosion, to hospital and they are still staying with him.”

She said that Turkish soldiers do not leave people alone since they have come to the region, and they show continuos support to maintain peace and safety.