Qatar donors sponsor 150 Syrian refugee families in Turkish city

 28 Feb 2016 - 1:35

Qatar donors sponsor 150 Syrian refugee families in Turkish city
Officials at the event.

Sanaullah Ataullah 

DOHA: A group of donors from Qatar has sponsored 150 Syrian refugee families in the Turkish city of Al Raihaniya during their visit to the town.
The sponsors will provide enough financial support to cover all basic needs of the beneficiary families including their daily expenditures, house rent and medical bills.
The trip entitled Sufra Al Rahma (Ambassadors of Mercy) was conducted by Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) under its programme to aid Syrian refugees. 
So far, 2,400 most-deserving Syrian families having taken shelter in Jordon, Lebanon and Turkey have benefitted from the largesse of the Qatari donors.
The aforementioned 150 Syrian refugee families were selected in collaboration with a local Turkish humanitarian organization, and priority was given to the families that are left without breadwinners and having patients, especially those who need urgent surgeries.
“The field visit made by the donors from Qatar to the Syrian refugee families in Turkey aimed to show them that their brothers in Qatar are with them in their suffering,” said Ahmad bin Yousuf Fakhro, Head of Sufra Al Rama Unit of RAF.
“Qatari families will provide financial support to meet the basic needs of Syrian refugee families including house rent, medical bills and other expenditures of the families that do not have any source of income after losing their breadwinners,” said Fakhro.
“The visiting Qatari delegation has boosted our morale, they made us feel that we are not alone here, and there are some people for our help,” said a member of a beneficiary family. The members of the visiting delegation have distributed toys and other gifts to the children of refugee families to bring smile back on their faces.
RAF received QR21.5m from the donors in Qatar to sponsor 2,377 Syrian refugee families that have taken shelter in Jordon, Lebanon and Turkey within its “Taadud” family sponsor programme being carried out by the foundation in second consecutive year.
Some 55 percent of total donation went towards paying house rents and the remaining 45 percent was spent on covering medical bills, daily expenditures and school fees.The Peninsula