ROTA and QC pledge $2m for Yemen

 28 Feb 2016 - 1:40

ROTA and QC pledge $2m for Yemen
Delegates at the conference on Yemen humanitarian crisis which concluded in Doha on Wednesday.


Doha: Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) in partnership with Qatar Charity (QC), pledged $2m in aid to support Yemen’s education sector. 
ROTA participated in Yemen humanitarian crisis conference organised by QC, in collaboration with 13 regional and international humanitarian organisations. The three-day  ‘The humanitarian crisis in Yemen: Challenges and prospects of humanitarian response’ concluded on Wednesday.
ROTA’s participation is aligned with QF’s mission of using education as a tool to unlock human potential.
Essa Al Mannai, Executive Director, ROTA, chaired the educational workshop on the first day of the conference to shed light on the state of the education sector under the crisis in Yemen.
He said, “Our participation is in line with our mission to provide education to people struck by poverty, war and conflict. We were focusing on the development of education opportunities in Yemen long before the crisis. However, today, it seems more urgent to join global efforts and share our expertise to provide effective and immediate solutions for about half a million students forced out of education due to conflicts.
“We are proud to support our partners. I would like to thank QC for its efforts and congratulate it on the success of the conference,” he said.
The conference brought together over 150 experts in humanitarian assistance in the fields of education, health, water, environment and economic empowerment to provide humanitarian relief to the people of Yemen.
Participants discussed the need for a collaboration framework to bring local, regional and international organisations together to implement an action plan, starting with re-enrolling students in schools and improving education conditions in Yemen.
Yousef bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, CEO, QC,  said: “We would like to thank ROTA for support, including  the $2m pledge in collaboration with QC, which reflects its commitment to support education in Yemen and Al Mannai for chairing the workshop and sharing ROTA’s expertise in overcoming challenges facing the education sector in Yemen. 
“This professionalism is one of the reasons behind the success of our partnership with ROTA,” Al Kuwari added. 
Participants are scheduled to meet on March 7 to establish an office to coordinate and organise relief work in Yemen. It will feature the launch of an integrated plan by GCC countries to support Yemen in various fields.
The Yemeni crisis is one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. About 80 percent of the Yemeni population, estimated at about 26 million, have been affected by the conflict, with 60 percent living below the poverty line compared to 35 percent before the outbreak of the conflict.The Peninsula