Verona Sweet: Droolworthy and a treat for your eyes

 28 May 2016 - 12:43

Verona Sweet: Droolworthy and a treat for your eyes

By Pramod Prabhakaran 

Mahir Ersoy Is an artist. His uses chocolates and cakes as his canvas. When you enter Verona Sweet, a newly opened sweet shop in Al Kharaitiyat Street, you will be awestruck by the beauty of his craft. You can witness the artistry of the chef in the various cakes and other sweets he sculptures in his bakery.
Style is a big element for the chef Mahir and Verona Sweet, every item in their shop oozes beauty. The Chocolate Sweet Treats, which they are famous for, are so exquisitely made, they resemble some show pieces in a luxury home. 

They also make some outstanding cakes and other sweets like macrons etc. But it’s the Chocolate Sweet Treats (Coffee Sweets in local parlance) that they are most known for. These are very popular among their customers and retails at about QR220 per kilo. Even though they are priced slightly on the higher side, it’s worth every penny as a gift or just to indulge in at a family gathering.


The cakes are priced reasonably at QR150-QR250, which is not much for the exquisite looks and taste. 
These sweets not only please the eye but also taste very delicious. They only use good-quality chocolates imported from Belgium and fresh ingredients.
Chef Mahir Ersoy is a mini-celebrity in Turkey. He has made a name for himself as a chocolatier there before moving to Qatar to take up the challenge to launch Verona Sweet, which has its roots in Italy.   

A visit to this place is a must for all chocolate lovers as it is a treat for your eyes and definitely don’t disappoint on the taste factor.
The shop has some interesting treats like flavoured dates or Tamriyah, which is very popular with his Arab clientele. They come in various colours and flavours and make a perfect gift for your friends or for you to indulge in.

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