RAF launches 26 projects for poor in Indian state

 28 Sep 2016 - 12:42

RAF launches 26 projects for poor in Indian state

The income-generating project was implemented in Jaghadari village in the north Indian state of Haryana.

DOHA: Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) has launched 26 income-generating projects for poor people in the north Indian state of Haryana. The project was implemented in Jaghadari village. Since the beneficiaries belonged to rural areas, the businesses were established accordingly.

They were provided cows, buffalos and goats for breading to make benefit from the milk and meat. Some beneficiaries were financed to open small businesses like grocery shops and supermarkets.

The initiative launched under the ongoing project of RAF to empower the poor people to run their own business rather than to provide cash or food supplies. The feasible study was conducted to find the most deserving people in collaboration with RAF’s partner in India, Al Rashid charitable organisation.

RAF has special focus on India as there is big number of Muslims and most of them are in need of jobs and income-generating projects to improve their living condition, said RAF.

RAF implements hundreds of projects for poor people worldwide as an alternative of supplies and financial support. The projects are successful as it cater not only the beneficiary families but entire community, said RAF.

Income-generating projects make the beneficiaries independents. However, other charity projects like supplies of basic food items make them keep depending on others and waiting for help. “What should be better than turning poor families into productive enable them to make livelihood for themselves”, said an official from RAF. “These low cost projects provided jobs and income to the breadwinners of poor families.
RAF is not only provides financial support and equipment for the production but it keep coordinating all over the stages to make the project successful”, he added.