Aman launches a campaign to protect children

 28 Nov 2017 - 12:02

Aman launches a campaign to protect children
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Doha: AMAN, a center that works under the umbrella of Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW), has launched awareness campaign for children entitled "Do not touch me", to protect primary school and kindergartens pupils from harassment in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The campaign aims to reach most of the state's primary schools and kindergartens as well as a number of centers for children such as Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs, and raising their awareness, and promoting positive values through a selection of social workers in this field.

It includes the participation of children participants to a preliminary test to measure the concept of protection, and then the practice of a number of educational and learning games and watch some awareness films that are trained to protect themselves from any harassment they may be exposed, in addition to a series of activities and practical activities, and training workshops provided by qualified Qatari cadres on the mechanisms of dealing with the child ,and how to deliver the message in an easy and simplified way.

In this context, the campaign leader, Zainab Al Mahmoud explained that the Aman Center for the Protection of Children and Women is preparing and designing programs that attract children and help them to benefit from these programmes. She pointed out that the "Do not touch me" campaign aims to deliver a number of concepts to the child, including the promotion of ownership, the relationship with self and with others, and interaction with others, and self-defense, where all these concepts reach the mind of the child through games .

She added that the campaign identifies the child with ways of reporting in the event of any harassment or assault, by telling parents or a teacher or contacting the hotline of AMAN center, pointing out that the campaign is led by a number of specialists from the staff of the Center with expertise and competencies, especially in the field of education and social service .

The Protection and Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN) is a private organization for public benefit aims at empowering and rehabilitating women, girls and children victims of violence and children victims of family disintegration, and reintegrate them into the society, through the provision of protection services; such as the reception of cases in the Centres HQ in Messila during its day and evening work hours, in addition to the provision of hotline services.

The Centre also provides legal, social and psychological consultations and works on rehabilitating the target groups through the day-care clinics and the internal-care unit.