Ministry cautions public on summer fire accidents

 29 Jul 2017 - 10:51

Ministry cautions public on summer fire accidents

By Irfan Bukhari / The Peninsula

The Ministry of Interior has advised residents to be more vigilant and take safety measures for the prevention of fire accidents during summer.

“High temperature during summer is one of the factors of fire due to lack of some precautions and safety measures,” said the Ministry in its “Current Discussion” and “Poll Survey” on the subject on its website.

It also says more vigilance and attention is required to avoid the incidence of small and large fires.  Safety measures for the prevention of fire accidents during the summer include avoiding many wrongdoings and actions which are among the main causes of such incidents such as: using poor-quality electrical devices and connectors; lack of interest in periodic maintenance; lack of interest in protecting energy sources (not closing gas cylinders properly); throwing cigarette butts randomly before extinguishing them; overload of electricity; leaving the electrical devices running continuously especially the air conditioners; and leaving flammable materials near energy sources.

The Ministry says that all these and other behaviours contribute to the outbreak of fires, especially household fires. “The absence of the necessary safety tools (fire extinguishers, blankets) will complicate the situation. It’s necessary to have these tools in place in order to recover the damage and losses that may result from the fires being exacerbated and not controlled in a timely manner.”

In the ongoing “Poll Survey” being conducted on the Ministry’s website when residents were asked, “do you observe fire safety tips during the summer?”, 60% people said that they used to observe safety tips completely, 17% said that they observed them to some extent, 9% said that they used to observe while 6% said that they did not observe and 7% said that they did not know about safety tips.

Few days ago, the Ministry of Interior had also advised residents to adopt safety measures to avoid vehicle fires sharing many reasons behind car fires. Mechanical or electrical issues are the most common cause. A car can also catch fire as the result of a bad crash. If you see smoke or flames or smell burning rubber or plastic, respond immediately, the Ministry had advised motorists.

“The fire accidents in vehicles are very dangerous as they result in fatal human and material losses. These accidents occur increasingly in the summer days due to high temperatures and negligence on cars proper maintenance.”

The Ministry of Interior had advised all motorists to conduct periodic maintenance of electrical wires and replace them in case of damage and not to stop the car near the generators or flammable materials, as well as not to smoke inside the station and the vehicle.

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