DPS-MIS English Language Teachers attend TEFL workshop

 29 Nov 2017 - 10:50

DPS-MIS English Language Teachers attend TEFL workshop

The Peninsula

English Language teachers  from DPS-MIS (Grade 3 to 5) attended Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) Qatar workshop, which was hosted by the College of the North Atlantic (CNAQ).

The practice sessions were delivered by Justin Kernot from Qatar University.

The activities in the workshop emphasised on the fear factors of the listeners in a classroom set-up. During the workshop, listening activities were planned in a manner that engaged all learners in a fun way.

Some of the listening activities practiced during the workshop were:

1.    Voice over – framing of dialogues after viewing audio-video clips

2.    Picture puzzle – framing of sentences from keywords identified in an audio clips

3.    Picking up the pieces – arranging of pictures while listening to audio clips

4.    Grab game – identify and grab words from the table while listening to words in audio clip

5.    Walkabout – acting on instructions in audio clips e.g. as in airport