Towards a clean country

 30 Jan 2018 - 10:07

The Peninsula

The importance of cleanliness and hygiene cannot be overlooked by any civilized society. From time immemorial, cleanliness has been considered as one of the major yardsticks to judge a civilisation’s or society’s development. Every faith and civilization talks in detail about the significance of neatness.

Qatar’s authorities spared no effort in keeping the country’s cities, roads, shopping centres and offices tidy and neat. Any visitor to the state will vouch for it. As the authorities think that we can keep our public places more clean and tidy, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, represented by the General Cleanliness Department, is conducting a major campaign to create awareness among people about the new Public Hygiene Law that will come into effect from February 1 (Thursday).

The Director of General Cleanliness Department, Safar Al Shafi, said that the Ministry has launched a massive programme through media to educate all segments of the community including workers regarding the new law. Details about the law have been published in local newspapers including Arabic, English and those published in a host of other languages such as Urdu, Bangladeshi, Hindi and Nepali to reach the maximum number of people.

Al Shafi said that the new law stipulates severe punishments including hefty fines up to QR25,000 and jail sentences up to one year in case of serious violations to deter violators. The fines for some non-serious violations that come under the category of reconciliation have been increased five times in a bid to control violations and maintain tidiness at public places.

Under the new law, throwing tissue papers, garbage, empty bottles or spitting on road or public places attract fine. Even leaving waste, garbage bags, left-over foods or papers in front of houses, roads or public places will invite fine. Thus the law proposes fines for all kinds of careless handling of garbage and unhygienic behaviour.

Throwing burning cigarette butts, empty drink bottles and used tissue papers from running vehicles have become a common practice. There will be inspectors out on the streets keeping a watch over people’s behaviour and violators will be caught immediately as they are being armed with judicial powers.

By adopting a clean and tidy lifestyle, not only one can lead a healthy life, but also a considerable amount of money can be saved and be environment-friendly. A clean and healthy life helps in refining the culture of a society and it affects every aspects of life. More than anything else it leads towards a higher level of civilization.

It is the responsibility of every resident to restrain themselves from violating the law and keep his or her environment a livable and beautiful one.