Woman ate nothing but KFC for three years

 30 Mar 2016 - 14:03

Woman ate nothing but KFC for three years
Georgie Scotney

A 21-year-old woman who only ate KFC for three years because she was scared of all other food starts trying fruits and vegetables now for the first time in her life.
Georgie Scotney had Selective Eating Disorder from a young age and only ate KFC chicken strips or popcorn chicken with chips because she was too afraid to try anything else.
The Portsmouth resident would even go for days without eating if she was away on a school trip - but thanks to a hypnotherapy session she can finally try other foods.
Miss Scotney said: 'Growing up I'd always been really stubborn with what I'd eat, it started off as just southern fried chicken and chips but it then got to the point where it'd only be chicken from KFC - I'd go there every day without fail.
'I was just never fed up with it, I loved to put loads of salt on it too, which I now see wasn't such a good idea - I do think that it had a lot to do with me being scared of a lot of foods, especially sauce, that was the worst fear of mine.'
She revealed that her boyfriend Dean Arnold, 25, put her forward for the hour-long hypnotherapy session.
'I warned everyone that I was so headstrong and thought that I'd never be able to change,' she said.
'After the session everything changed for me instantly, I tried new foods that I wouldn't have dreamed of even going near before - and I actually really enjoyed them.'
As an aspiring gymnast who made the PSG Great Britain team - which she started when she was eight - Miss Scotney believes her Selective Eating Disorder started from a young age when she used to miss meals because she was always training.
‘For about 15 years I’d always wanted to try a full English breakfast so the day after the therapy I did, and it was amazing,’ she says, adding: Never in my life had I eaten any fruit or veg and I’ve even managed to try a roast dinner now, I can’t believe that I missed out on so much.
‘I’d always struggled with my weight, even though I’d go to the gym every day, because of my poor diet so I’m hoping now that I’ll be a lot healthier and happier.’