RAF renovates 200 homes of Palestinian families in Gaza

 30 Apr 2017 - 0:10

RAF renovates 200 homes of Palestinian families in Gaza
A renovated home by RAF in Gaza.

The Peninsula

Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) has renovated 200 homes of Palestinian families destroyed in last Israeli war in Gaza.
The project of phase-1 costs $915,000. It was implemented in Rafah, Deir Al Balah, Al Daraj and Al Tuffah districts, North Gaza Governorate, Gaza Governorate, Khan Yunis Governorate and Rafah Governorate.
The renovation project aims at maintaining a total of 300 homes at a cost of QR6.5m. The project was financed by donors — citizens and expatriates in Qatar. More than 2,100 Palestinians will benefit from the project. The beneficiaries are poor people whose homes were destroyed partially or totally during the war.
RAF’s local partner in Gaza LifeWay Association is implementing the project. A survey was conducted by the Association in collaboration with three other local humanitarian and charity organisation to list the most deserving people for the project.
Phase-1 project that included 200 homes destroyed about 40 percent has been completed. The project of phase-II will start soon to renovate the remaining 100 homes. The phase-II project coasts $870,000. RAF implemented several projects including relief and development to reduce the suffering of Gazans.
According to the reports of United Nations, the poverty rate reached 65 percent in Gaza. The unemployment rate is 63.8 percent and 72 percent families are having food security problems.
About 4,600 families are displaced without shelters. 45,000 families are living in tents and make shifting homes. Some 85 percent families depend on aid. They are also suffering from lack of drinking water and electricity. There is shortage of medicines. Majority of the students cannot afford the college fees. There are about 20,000 orphans in Gaza.