Iftar cannon installed at Katara

 30 May 2017 - 12:03

Iftar cannon installed at Katara

The Peninsula

An Iftar cannon has been installed at the southern area of the Cultural Village as a vital part of Katara’s Ramadan Festival to further enhance the ambience of the holy month. The firing of the cannon which is a much-anticipated Ramadan ritual that takes place to mark the end of each day’s fast, is done daily at the sunset (Maghrib) prayer. 

The tradition adds to the ambience that Katara has created through its ongoing festival titled ‘Hospitality in various Muslim nations’, offering visitors an amazing array of activities and entertainment.  The firing of the cannon is a long-held tradition in Qatar and usually attracts droves of children and families on a daily basis. 

In addition to this, two characters, the Mesahar and the story teller, roam around Katara’s premises to entertain the public. 

Moreover, every Friday, Katara brings back the popular treasure hunt contest during the holy month, which will be conducted at Katara’s premises and at the ongoing Meerat Ramadan. 

Katara has been illuminated with lanterns and lights that best suit the spiritual ambience of the holy month. Some of the beautifully crafted decorations in multiple hues at the entrances to the Cultural Village, display messages greeting the visitor; on the occasion of the holy month. Organisers have taken the effort to ensure that the atmosphere suits families by setting apart Katara’s southern area for a diverse array of games for children. 

Other informative events such as seminars, educational programmes, Islamic and cultural lectures in cooperation with RAF Foundation, Qatar Charity, and the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, are also on the agenda for this month. 

Meanwhile, the ongoing Meerat Ramadan market which is scheduled to last until June 29, is an essential feature of Katara’s Ramadan Festival this year. The event, also held at Katara’s southern area, has become increasingly popular with visitors as it offers provisions from renowned local food and beverage suppliers.