Met reports low visibility in many parts of Qatar; urges caution while driving

 30 May 2017 - 14:11

Met reports low visibility in many parts of Qatar; urges caution while driving

The Peninsula Online

Doha: Qatar Meteorology Department reported low visibility in many places in Qatar due to strong winds. They tweeted that the visibility in many places is now less than 1 km especially in highways due to strong winds and rising dust.

The Met advised all motorists to be careful while driving and also to avoid direct sunlight as the temperature is soaring around the country. Many places have reported over 46 °C and high winds making it difficult to be in the open. 

“Hot weather conditions across Qatar with temperatures reaching 46°C currently in Doha, Alwakrah and Messaid. Plz avoid direct sunlight,” Met tweeted.


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Weather forecast for Qatar valid until 6pm Tuesday is hot daytime with slight dust to blowing dust at places daytimes, offshore will be slight dust to dusty at places at times, the Department of Meteorology said in its daily weather report.

“Highway users are advised to watch out for low visibility due to blowing dust as visibility has dropped to 600m now on Alkhor-Lusail road,” Met said.

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Weather charts indicate that northwesterly windy condition (locally called "AlBawarih") is expected to continue until weekend especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Wind speeds are expected to range between 18 to 30 knots gusting to 35-45 knots at times during daytime. As a result, waves are expected to rise to 8 -12 feet and visibility may drop below 2 km at times over most areas due to dust. 

In general, hot daytime weather conditions will continue with maximum temperatures exceeding mid-forties over some areas especially central and eastern areas. 

"AlBawarih" is a local term known in the gulf region that refers to northwesterly windy conditions as a result of the extension of the Indian Monsoon along with the presence of a high pressure system over northern Arabian Peninsula.