Breathtaking circus show at Souq Waqif

 31 Jan 2016 - 10:31

Breathtaking circus show at Souq Waqif

Spine tingling aerial trapeze, daring stunts and feats of technical brilliance combined with astonishing fountains make ‘Circus of Giant Fountains’ at Souq Waqif more than just a circus show.
By Raynald C Rivera

Spine tingling aerial trapeze, daring stunts and feats of technical brilliance combined with high-tech staging and breathtaking fountains make “Circus of Giant Fountains” more than just a circus show.
Currently playing at this year’s Souq Waqif Spring Festival, the show is just fitting to be the major spectacle at the festival as it provides a truly unique experience for people of all ages.
The show brings together award-winning acrobats, aerialists and equilibrists from all over Europe in one thematic show combining the four classical elements of air, water, earth and fire.
For the first time the 30-member troupe has travelled to the GCC after its highly successful shows all over Europe which also feature ballet, illusion and animal shows.
“Circus of Giant Fountains is a European production with some of the best artistes from Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan who perform varied acts such as aerial trapeze, equilibrium act, straps act and  illusions,” said  Natalia Naumochknina, International Sales & Marketing Manager of Lana group International, the event  management company which brought the show to Doha.

The audience could not help but erupt into loud applause every time the artistes soar into a dazzling performance revealing many years of training catapulting them into becoming laureates in international circus competitions and festivals.
Adorable performing animals including brown bears, Samoyed dogs, cats and monkeys amuse the audience as they carry out series of tricks such as balancing acts and riding in motorcycles.
“We brought around 40 animals. Just for the bears act we brought four brown bears. The show is total entertainment combining human skill and animal tricks,” Naumochknina told The Peninsula.
The show also features quick costume change illusion and a funny clown duo who perform tricks with audience interaction.
Highlighting the breathtaking show are 600-pump fountains the highest of which could go up to 18m. illuminated with colourful LED and laser lights, the fountains add more colour and emphasis to the already amazing performances.
It took a big chartered plane to bring all the animals, props, equipment and costumes which altogether weigh around 40 tonnes, said Naumochknina.

“They came a week before the opening because they had to install the stage which involves some unique technical construction,” she added.
The stage partly and entirely opens and closes making way for the fountains underneath which shoot water along with music in a choreographed manner. The water reservoir underneath the stage holds over a hundred tones of water.
The acclaimed show,  Naumochknina said, is hard to replicate as it involves a lot of complex technologies from Japan and Russia.
“I’m sure people here will like the show because of its uniqueness and it offers a new type of entertainment which is in European style as well is  an equal mix of trapeze, acrobatics, comedy, illusion and animal show,” added Naumochknina.
People can catch the show until February 4 at Souq Waqif, opposite the north parking zone and close to Musheireb Boutique Hotel. Tickets are priced QR30, QR50 and QR100.

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