Happy year for Qatar

 01 Jan 2018 - 8:29

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi

The end of 2017 and arrival of the New Year is an indicator of success and excellence for the State of Qatar at all local and international levels in different fields, thanks to the youth of the country and the directives and the wise leadership of H H the Emir.

These successes did not come from a vacuum but they are the fruits of the accumulated hard work and full sighted plans to invest in the potential of the country so that it can compete internationally.

The major challenge faced by Qatar during the past year was the siege imposed by brotherly and neighbouring countries.

Perhaps this challenge has motivated the country to speed up its pace of implementing plans in different fields and to adapt to the post-siege situation. Life continues and brains build, commitments develop and the people have the trusted hands of their true leader behind them in a cohesion one rarely finds its match.

New Year arrives as we are in the beauty of life despite the plans of some countries to harm our nation, thanks to Allah Almighty and then to the leadership which dealt with these successive events and associated insults, false and fabricated news. It is difficult to count the words, information, and tactics used by the siege countries to slander the image of Qatar and its leadership.

Countries, which we were considering our strategic partners in the region, but it was a useful lesson for us an opportunity to discover the reality of who is who.

We are entering into the New Year with new vision and views heading towards our local regional and international projects leaving behind what the siege nations are doing against Qatar, and we will let our success tell the full story.

We know that those who are circulating fabricated information and insulting our nation are very few within these countries and majority of their citizens are not happy with what their governments are doing but they are not allowed to express their points of views and prefer to keep silent. 

We have said repeatedly, and the H H the Emir reiterated it in his speeches, we are ready for constructive and objective dialogue in accordance with the interests of all and free of interference in each other’s affairs. Qatar’s sovereignty and its national interest is the red line and no one would be allowed to talk about it.

We welcome dialogue to overcome the issue. But as time passes we continue to build our nation and its capacity. Qatar has been bravely facing the challenges. Seven months have passed with the siege against Qatar, which is steadily heading towards its bright future without kneeling down. This is a source of pain for the blockaders. Qatar will remain dignified under the leadership of Tamim Al Majd who did much for the prosperity of his people.