Qatar-US Strategic Dialogue

 01 Feb 2018 - 7:59

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi

Qatar-US Strategic Dialogue is one of the most important meetings for cementing the ties between the two states in different fields such as diplomacy, military, economy, trade, energy and investment. It has moved the bilateral relations to a new era on the basis of common interests and mutual understanding to future issues. The annual meeting of the two countries is meant to strengthen the existing close coordination in different areas of cooperation. 

Next year Doha will host this Strategic Dialogue at this high level which demonstrates the distinguished position Qatar has achieved in its international relationships. It is a success for Qatar, which has now formulated plans for its interests far away from any interventions or positions that we used to take earlier because of some brotherly countries in the framework of the Gulf cooperation.

Sorry to say that these countries have become a subject of past after the illegal blockade which was imposed on Qatar without any justification, only on false claims while the real motives were to usurp Qatar’s wealth.

This strategic talk has caused comfort for the two countries regarding their bilateral relations which have got strengthened, expanded and brought the vision closer on several international issues.

The US emphasised that it is ready to work jointly with Qatar under the UN Charter in facing threats to Qatar’s territory.

The US administration recognised the efforts of Qatar in combating terrorism and lauded its cooperation in this regard rejecting all allegations levelled by the siege countries against Qatar for supporting terrorism. Noteworthy, Qatar is the only country in the region which signed anti-terrorism agreement with the US.

The outcomes of this meeting reaffirmed the right position of Qatar on the blockade which has been repeatedly expressed since the onset of current Gulf crisis. The dialogue also show that relations between Qatar and the US are based on strategic visions and realistic goals contrary to the relations bought by hundreds of billions of dollars for protecting personal interests. 

Qatar’s international positions and its relations with different countries of the world are based on common interests without interfering in other’s affairs contrary to the relations of some other countries which are built on narrow, short-term interests and assaulting others. Qatar will continue promoting relations with the countries of the world to protect its interests, ensure development and maintain peace.