Hamad Port a great strategic achievement

 06 Sep 2017 - 3:10

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

Despite the unjust siege imposed on Qatar, the wheel of development and economic progress never paused in the country. The siege has accelerated the pace of development contrary to the intentions of siege countries which wanted to hamper development projects in Qatar.
The country, under the leadership of Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his directives to focus on development and self-reliance on all aspects, has seen fast and smooth implementation of pre-planned development projects, showing that there is no impact of the siege.
This has also required concerted efforts of all sectors to achieve Qatar’s National Vision 2030 which aims at self-sufficiency and prosperity.
The inauguration of Hamad Port yesterday, which is the largest port in the Middle East, is considered as a major response to the unjust siege and a challenge to the measures the siege countries have taken against Qatar.
Indeed, it is a big setback to the countries which wanted to weaken Qatar and wanted it to bow down before them and accept their demands and political whims and fancies, a matter totally rejected by the Qatari leadership and its people because it is seen as an insult to the national sovereignty and the leadership and people stood firmly against any kind of compromise to the national decision and interference in the internal affairs.
Thus, Qatar has proved that its decisions are in its hands and it will not be affected by any conspiracies hatched against it and this has made the country gain further respect from the entire international community which is sympathising with its position against the siege.
Although the inauguration was part of previous development plans, it has become a major national event because it came during the siege as an opportunity to enhance the economic and political independence of Qatar as well as to diversity and expand its trade ties. The continuous achievements the country is witnessing have proven to the world that we are working according to well-planned development goals set long time ago, and are going to implement our plans without any impact from the blockade.
The presence of high-level delegations from friendly countries and the huge media coverage of the event have helped showcase the excellent status of Qatar at the regional and global level.
Qatar is achieving one success after another under the leadership of H H the Emir and its development march will never stop despite the hatred.